Cousins killed by gun violence – Trinidad & Tobago

Cousins killed gun violence - Trinidad & Tobago

Cousins killed by gun violence – Trinidad & Tobago

by Susan Mohammed

Kadeem Griffith and Keion Jack were cousins who, as little boys, dreamed of giving selfless service towards the protection of the nation.

Kadeem wanted to be a police officer, Keion a soldier.


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The cousins who were just a few months apart in age grew up in the same household and loved each other as brothers.

They dreamed of turning their childhood games of protection and service into careers.

However, events in their lives led them down different pathways before they could make their mark on the world.

The cousins were killed in the neighbourhood where they lived in Tunapuna, Trinidad & Tobago, both victims of gun violence.

Kadeem was 19 years old when he was shot and killed. Four years later, Keion, 22, was gunned down.

Their mothers, who spoke to the Express on Wednesday, choked back tears as they reminisced on the love and loss of their boys and their longing for justice.

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Kadeem’s mother, Natasha Otega, said she is still dealing with the loss of the boys, and some days she starts her day with tears.

Otego said, “Kadeem and Keion were no saints because they were liming with friends who they grew up with that took them and did not bring them back.

But I never thought they would be statistics.”

It is imprinted on Otego’s mind that one of the last things he texted to her on the morning of his death was “I love you”.

Kadeem was shot on August 25, 2015. He and three men were outside Mc Gregor’s garage near a basketball court at O’Keefe Street around 9 a.m. when a white panel van and a white Nissan Tiida pulled up and the occupants sprayed bullets on the men.

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Kadeem was running away from the scene when he was shot in his left leg. Doctors tried to repair the severed artery during emergency surgery at the Eric Williams Medical Sciences Complex, but he succumbed to the injury almost 12 hours after the shooting.

The plague of gun violence  Trinidad & Tobago Express Newspapers

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