St Vincent Teachers Union to protest unjust firings

St Vincent Teachers Union protest

St Vincent Teachers Union to protest unjust firings

St Vincent and Grenadines Teachers Union announced on Tuesday night that protest action would be held next week in the capital Kingstown.


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Speaking on Nice Radio, Oswald Robinson President of the SVG Teachers Union said that the protest on Monday 12 and Tuesday 13 is part of the union’s action to highlight the unjustified firing of teachers and to call on the government to reinstate teachers with all benefits.

“The Constitution of St Vincent and the Grenadines give us that fundamental right to hold picket, protest and march. It gives us freedom of association, and freedom to organise as a trade union. So we want people to know that you have that right. We want you to join us, we’re going to have a peaceful picket when it comes to the march, we are going to seek permission and use amplified sound in order to manage the people who come out”, the Union President stated.

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Robinson on Tuesday night also urged omnibus owners to join the picket line.

“We want everybody to come on board, the minivan owners, drivers, yes, you got an increase which should have been better but that does not mean you can’t come and join us because this is an issue for the nation’s children”, Robinson said.

Over 200 teachers were relieved of their jobs following the government vaccine mandate for specific categories of workers in November 2021.

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In the Government’s view, the mandate was justified due to the COVID pandemic, and the teachers abandoned their jobs under the law and were not terminated as the Union claims.

St Vincent Teachers Union announces two days of protest  St Vincent Times

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