Over 7,000 speeding tickets issued for 2022 – Trinidad

7,000 speeding tickets Trinidad

Over 7,000 speeding tickets issued for 2022 – Trinidad

Over 7,000 speeding tickets have been issued thus far for the year by the Trinidad and Tobago Police Service (TTPS).

Senior Superintendent, Traffic and Highway Patrol Branch, Wayne Mystar warned drivers to obey speed limits and not use their mobile phones when they are driving.


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In a release on the police’s social media page, Mystar stated, “Ticket data from the UTURN Traffic Enforcement System indicates that for 2022, law enforcement officers have issued 7,011 fixed penalty notices to motorists for exceeding the speed limit, while 3,098 were issued for using or holding a mobile phone while driving. These are two very high risk behaviours being engaged in by drivers and with traffic levels having retuned to pre-pandemic levels, drivers need to pay more attention to the roads.”

According to data from the Traffic and Highway Patrol Branch Rodway Surveillance Unit, road traffic deaths have increased by 24 percent in 2022 with 62 persons having lost their lives on the roads compared to 50 for the same period last year, the police’s post said.

Police Road Safety Project Coordinator, Sgt Brent Batson, in the post, highlighted that two recent road traffic deaths involved two-wheeled vehicles which are classified as “vulnerable road users” as the user is exposed to greater risk of injuries and death when incidents occur.

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He further stated, “Pedal-cyclist and motorcyclists have no peripheral protection around their bodies as compared with motor vehicle occupants, thus impact forces are directly applied to the human body which unfortunately are often either serious or fatal. Both incidents suggest the contribution of human factor issues, as they occurred late at night when low visibility requires road users to exercise higher level of alertness and caution”.

Drivers are reminded to practice reducing speed whenever they are in close proximity to cyclists and pedestrians, as this gives them more time to assess their spatial needs and provide greater control of the vehicle if any unexpected situation arises.

Motorcyclists are also reminded that at night it may be more difficult to observe spilt substances such as oils or loose gravel on the roadways which can quickly cause a loss of control situation.”

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Sgt Batson added, “Speed reduction, especially at night is a critical part of safe road use and we urge drivers to pay more attention to their speedometers and the driving environment.”

TTPS: Over 7,000 speeding tickets issued for 2022  Trinidad & Tobago Express Newspapers

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