Joy Reid: Pro-Lifers hate women, don’t care for raped children

Joy Reid raped children

Joy Reid: Pro-Lifers hate women, don’t care for raped children

On Tuesday night, MSNBC’s Joy Reid had another freak-out on The ReidOut, this time doubling down on her false and reckless claims that the conservative-leaning Supreme Court unleashed Republican states to “literally take physical control of half the population” which she ridiculously defined as “women and queer folks with uteruses.”


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“The court majority is flexing its unelected power rather brazenly to further not a judicial or a constitutional but seemingly a religious agenda. That is unprecedented in a country that’s separated from the crown that leads a national church,” Reid wailed.

Joy Reid, after falsely claiming that “the Republican Party, spent the past few days asserting that little girls, 10-year-old little girls who have been raped should bear the children of their rapists,” proclaimed that “America’s 10-year-olds are also at the mercy of mass shooters when they walk into their fourth-grade classrooms because this court has decreed that guns have more rights than children or women.”

Reid never explained how women and children have fewer rights than guns, when was the last time you needed to get a background check or the government’s permission to bring your wife or children out in public?

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Once again lying about Florida’s “Parental Rights in Education” law, Reid, without any evidence, said that “Teachers who are gay or lesbian or bi have been forced back into the closet for fear of violating the ‘Don’t say gay’ law.”

She also huffed that Florida Republican Governor Ron DeSantis floated the idea of investigating parents who bring their underage children to sexually explicit and inappropriate “drag queen story time” shows:

Trans people are under brazen attack with DeSantis floating the idea of ordering child protective services to investigate parents who take kids to drag queen story time. Schools are being stripped of history lessons while teachers are being told in summer training sessions in Florida, in the unfree state of Florida, that the slave-holding founding fathers actually hated slavery and that there is no separation of Christian church and state.

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The deranged and vile MSNBC host ended her rant by fretting that conservatives are winning the culture war because “it is not clear that our current politics is capable of stopping any of this, of turning it around and giving us an actual Independence Day. So what are we supposed to do?”

MSNBC Host Joy Reid: Pro-Life Americans Hate Women and Don’t Care if Children are Raped

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