Pelosi allowed Communion by antipope Francis

Pelosi Communion antipope Francis

Pelosi allowed Communion by antipope Francis

It has been obvious for years that the Novus Ordo (false Catholic Church) headed by modernist antipope after modernist antipope; is not the Catholic Church founded by Our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. But despite the crippling evidence supporting this truth; many prominent members of the Novus Ordo continue to delude themselves and others into thinking; that the antipopes are indeed Holy Catholic pastors; who are so loving, they can’t help being duped by evil fallen away Catholics; especially by evil politicians, like US President Joe Biden.

Bill Donohue, President of the so-called Catholic League; is one such prominent and delusional Novus Ordo member. His article, Nancy Pelosi Knows She Shouldn’t Receive Communion, Does it Anyway to Spite Pro-Life Catholics, which can be read on the “pro-life” website LifeNews; encapsulates just how dishonest many of these Novus Ordo, false Catholics are; especially when it comes to making excuses for the men they call Pope.

From the title onward, Donohue’s piece is littered with half truths, in a lame attempt to shield antipope Francis from any responsibility for allowing Pelosi Communion; even after Bishop Cordileone banned her from it; and attempts to lay the blame squarely at the feet of Pelosi, a layman.


Cordileone Pelosi Communion decision supported by Bishops

The following is Donahue’s article, with the bold paragraphs being Site Nestor’s responses to the lies.

Nancy Pelosi Knows She Shouldn’t Receive Communion, Does it Anyway to Spite Pro-Life Catholics

by Bill Donohue

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, who rejects the Catholic Church’s teachings on abortion, marriage and sexuality, received Holy Communion on June 29 at a papal Mass in St. Peter’s Basilica. The pope was in attendance, but did not give out Communion.

So already, Donohue is making an excuse for antipope Francis, who was in attendance at this abomination, but “did not give out Communion”. The fact he “did not give out Communion” is moot. It was a “papal” Mass, with a prominent pro-abortion politician in attendance. That Pelosi was not turned back at the doors, is not her fault at all but the antipope’s, given he does not truly oppose abortion, and himself holds heretical views on many issues of faith and morals. A fact which makes him a non-Catholic antipope, clear to those of us honest enough to recognise that.

Pelosi’s stunt was done to undercut her bishop, San Francisco Archbishop Salvatore Cordileone: he has told her not to present herself for Communion, citing her lust for abortion rights.

The one who undercut Bishop Salvatore Cordileone, is antipope Francis by allowing Pelosi communion. Cordileone is himself a hypocrite and a weakling, who undercut his own decision on Pelosi, when after his decision to ban Pelosi, referred to her as having a motherly heart. Cordileone is also a coward for not calling out Francis who has never condemned either Pelosi or President Joe Biden, for their manic pro-abortion views and policies.

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Some will blame the Vatican for what happened; others will blame Pelosi; still others will blame Cordileone. There is only one person to blame—Pelosi.

Pelosi is not to blame for receiving Communion at the Vatican after Cordileone’s ban; the Vatican and antipope Francis are to blame. Pelosi is a prominent politician whose views on abortion not only run counter to that of the Catholic Church, but are well-known even by many laymen worldwide. As Our Lord said, “I am the good shepherd; and I know mine, and mine know me.” [John 10:14] How then can alleged churchmen like Francis claim not to know about Pelosi, what is widely known even by laymen?

But this pretend pastor, Francis, is guilty though, whether he knows Pelosi’s views on abortion or not. If indeed he does not know, then he is derelict in his duties and is what Our Lord describes as “the hireling [who] flieth, because he is a hireling: and he hath no care for the sheep.” [John 10:13] And if he does know (which he most certainly does); he has once again contradicted Catholic teaching, while playacting as Pope, refusing to impose a universal ban from Communion on Pelosi and others like her; who claim to be Catholic Church members, while publicly repudiating Church teaching, and in effect, bringing the Church into disrepute.

Archbishop Cordileone invoked canon law to deny Pelosi Communion, so there is no issue there: He is in total compliance with Catholic teachings. But given the autonomy that bishops have, those who oversee other dioceses are not bound by what Cordileone decreed.

Cordileone is not an archbishop, due to his many sins against the faith; one of which was not banning Pelosi from Communion as soon as he allegedly took office. Although the ban was good, Cordileone for far too long ignored Pelosi’s open rejection of the faith, as has the antipope Francis. That Donohue here also excuses the other Bishops is laughable. Once again, Pelosi’s views are well known, and there’s nothing in Canon Law, which prevents those other Bishops from banning Pelosi from receiving Communion in their own Dioceses. Just another lame excuse by Donohue.

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Pelosi received Communion from one of the many priests who were distributing it; he obviously did not know anymore about her than he does the man on the moon. And unlike Cordileone, he never reached out to her, seeking to counsel her on this subject. So the two are not comparable.

This is the worst part and Donohue is just straight lying here. Saying that the priest “obviously did not know anymore about her [Pelosi] than he does the man on the moon”, is such a lie. As has already been established, Pelosi and her anti-abortion views are so well known, that a priest or any Vatican hierarch, has no excuse in the year of Our Lord 2022, to not know who she is, and to not be familiar with her heretical views on abortion. Neither does the priest nor any hierarch need, at this point in Pelosi’s life and career, to reach out to counsel her on this issue. She should have already been warned when she first espoused her anti Catholic views on abortion decades ago. By now she should have long ago been excommunicated and deemed a non Catholic, banned from receiving all the sacraments, not just from Holy Communion. But then again, true Catholic Churchmen would have done this. As for the Novus Ordo heretics and heresiarchs; well we’ve seen the results of their inaction; which should not surprise any, given they are wolves in shepherd’s clothing.

The priest did what was expected of him—he gave Communion to everyone waiting on line to receive it. For all we know, non-Catholics may have received Communion at the same Mass. That doesn’t excuse those who willfully exploited the sacrament.

Another big lie. Pelosi simply would not have been allowed there, if the people in charge, starting with Francis, even had a modicum of the Catholic Faith. But they don’t. Also, to compare non-Catholics, or heretics, who aren’t notorious at all, or known worldwide, to Pelosi; who is not only a prominent American political figure, but is easily recognisable worldwide, is so disingenuous. But this is what Novus Ordo laymen like Donohue do; place the burden of responsibility on laymen, rather than on the hierarchy. It’s like a bunch of troublesome children who tattle on each other, rather than ask why their absentee teacher left them so long to act as they pleased.

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So where does this leave us?

Pelosi waiting in line to receive Communion is akin to a murderer waiting in line to pay his respects to his victim at a Catholic wake. The analogy is poignant in more ways than one.

The analogy in fact is stupid, dishonest and doesn’t apply here. The more poignant analogy is this: Pelosi waiting in line to receive Communion is akin to a world famous “Catholic” terrorist, who has declared war on all Catholics, and has endorsed the murder of millions of them, being invited by Catholics to a Catholic wake to pay his respects to one of his victims.

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Nancy Pelosi Knows She Shouldn’t Receive Communion, Does it Anyway to Spite Pro-Life Catholics

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