Chris Tomlinson miracle survivor 98% body burns thanks God

Chris Tomlinson, a Florida man who suffered 98% burns to his body in a horrific accident as a child, and was given only 1 percent chance of survival, has pulled through against the odds. He endured bullies, loneliness, and thoughts of suicide, but the love of his family and their daily prayer got him through.


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Today, he’s a loving father of two and expresses his gratitude to God for everything in his life.

Chris Tomlinson, 37, was born in Florida. When he was only two months shy of his second birthday he was burned in an accidental gas explosion in his own backyard.

Sharing in detail about the incident, Chris told The Epoch Times: “I was outside playing and my mother was watching me. She turned around for a split second, and when she turned back, I was gone. I had wandered off into the utility room where we kept yard tools and such. In there was a gasoline can.”

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The curious toddler then pulled the gasoline can down. It doused him and released fumes. As the hot water heater in the room came on, the pilot light ignited the fumes and gasoline, and Chris was engulfed in flames.

“My mother found me and tried pulling me out, but kept getting my skin,” he said. “Eventually she managed to grab hold of me and put me out.”

Chris’s neighbors who witnessed the tragedy that unfolded called 911 and he was then rushed by helicopter to Tampa General Hospital.

Chris’s devastated family was told he had a 1 percent chance of surviving. He was also the youngest person ever to sustain “third degree or worse” burns to 98 percent of his body. Hearing this, his family was scared and sad, but they gathered closely with friends to pray, desperate for a miracle and hoping he would survive this through.

“They depended heavily on their faith in God,” said Chris.

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When Chris was 5, he and his family moved to Massachusetts where he received treatment at Shriner’s Burn Institute in Boston. However, owing to his condition, life was hard for the little boy. To this day, Chris has no idea exactly how many surgeries he had endured, but claims when he was 13 his mother “lost count at 200.”

Miracle Survivor of 98 Percent Body Burns Raises 2 Kids, Credits God for Keeping Him Alive  The Epoch Times

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