Austin to decriminalise abortion if Roe v. Wade is overturned

The leaders of Austin Texas are making plans to decriminalise abortion in the city if the U.S. Supreme Court overturns Roe v. Wade this summer.


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Without Roe, Texas law will protect unborn babies by banning all abortions, and Austin city Councilman José Chito Vela wants to be ready to fight back. He recently crafted a pro-abortion measure that he hopes to introduce within hours of the high court ruling, KVUE reports.

“The resolution does two things – one, restricts city funds from being used to essentially investigate any kind of alleged abortion crimes,” Vela said, according to The Guardian. “The other thing it does is to make the investigation of any abortion-related crime the lowest priority for our police department.”

Vela named his plan the “Guarding the Right to Abortion Care for Everyone” Act, and said he will not introduce it until the Supreme Court releases its ruling on the abortion case Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health.

Councilwoman Vanessa Fuentes, a co-sponsor of the measure, said they want to do what they can to fight pro-lifers’ “attacks” on abortion.

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“With all that is stacked against us, it may feel like there is little to do to combat attacks on abortion access. Yet as council members, we have a unique opportunity to mitigate a hostile climate and advance reproductive freedom,” Fuentes wrote on Twitter.

Vela said everyone should agree that women who have abortions should not be prosecuted – and the pro-life movement does.

“Whatever your thoughts on abortion, criminal prosecution of women who have abortion is absolutely unacceptable and abuse by the criminal justice system,” Vela said.

However, Vela’s legislation more likely would protect dangerous abortionists and harm women.

Texas has a trigger law that will protect unborn babies by banning abortions once the Supreme Court overturns Roe, as many expect it will this summer. The law prohibits abortions except if the mother’s life is at risk.

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While abortionists would be punished for killing unborn babies in violation of the law, mothers are specifically exempted from punishment. The pro-life movement repeatedly has made it clear that it opposes punishing mothers because they are a second victim of the abortion industry. Pro-lifers also do not want mothers to be afraid to go to a hospital or doctor if they are suffering from a botched illegal abortion, because their lives are valuable, too.

Austin, Texas Wants to Legalize Killing Babies in Abortions

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