54733 Haitians deported last 15 months – Dominican Republic

54733 Haitians deported Dominican Republic

54733 Haitians deported last 15 months – Dominican Republic

According to data provided by that agency, the General Directorate of Migration in the Dominican Republic, has deported 54733 undocumented Haitians to their country in the last 15 months.

Reports indicate that from January to November of the last year, 2021, the number of 31,764 illegal Haitians were arrested and repatriated to their country of origin.

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While in the first quarter of 2022, 23,569 have been returned, for a total of 54,733 since January 2021.

The undocumented were arrested during operations carried out throughout the country by immigration control units of the Immigration Directorate assisted by the military.

According to the statistics, the months with the highest number of deportations in 2021 were October with 5,414, September with 3,949, and November with 2,757. Of the 54,733 Haitians repatriated in the last 15 months, 48,394 were men, and 6,339 were women of different ages.

They repatriated 23,569 illegal Haitians in the last three months  Dominican Today

Last month local activists in Barbados claimed the deportation of Haitian immigrants is a human rights breach.

There are striking similarities between the plight of 33 Haitians being kept in the basement of a house at Wanstead Gardens, St James and 15 Haitians who were duped out of thousands of dollars on a 2018 trip to Barbados in search of a better life.

The major difference on this occasion, however, is that over half a dozen children are said to be involved. And local activists want Government authorities to step in, especially for the sake of the under-aged visitors in the group.

Migration expert Dr Olivia Smith has also warned that a decision to deport the CARICOM nationals or a failure to meet their basic needs is a breach of the United Nations’ human rights conventions.

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Barbados TODAY last week revealed that the Haitians, who arrived on February 20 on a 15-day in-transit arrangement, were reportedly awaiting visas to travel to Guyana. But the group that includes young men, women and children, has received no definitive word from a travel agency called MPH, on the future of their voyage. MPH was reportedly acting on the behalf of the Haitians on the trip to Guyana.

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