Rowley berates ‘Opposition looking to undermine T&T’

Where is the “President Guaido” that the United National Congreess (UNC) was supporting to lead Venezuela?

This is the question that Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley wants Opposition Leader Kamla Persad-­Bissessar, Naparima MP Rodney Charles and the UNC to answer.

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Addressing a public meeting at the Diego Martin South Community Centre on Tuesday night, the Prime Minister Keith Rowley castigated the Opposition for consistently “seeking to undermine every aspect of the country’s foreign policy”.

Rowley said when the United States wanted regime change in Ve­nezuela, the Trinidad and Toba­go Opposition got involved and jumped in, saying they wanted “President Guaido, too”.

“You (the UNC) take our country down the road publicly supporting somebody who is not even in the Parliament in Venezuela and agreeing with the Americans that they should be on the OAS (Organisation of American States) executive, and writing the American embassy asking them to sanction Rowley and Stuart Young because they allow the Vice-President of Venezuela (Delcy Rodriguez) to come to Trini­dad. ‘Allow’, eh? So we should be sanctioned by a foreign power. And then the foreign power itself gone to Caracas (to speak to officials in the same Maduro government),” he said.

“And when we said we will speak to the government that the UN (United Nations) acknow­ledges in Caracas because we stay with UN principles…they (the UNC) were still undermining us with their ‘President Guaido’ foolishness.

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And when the Americans wanted to talk to Venezuela (recently), who they went to talk to in Venezuela? The UNC?” the PM asked sarcastically.

“Tonight, I want to ask the UNC and Kamla Persad-Bissessar and Doppy: where is President Guai­do?” he said. “And our media here is so very convenient. The PNM (People’s National Move­ment) is held to a higher standard. If a PNM opposition had done what the UNC did, the media would be on our case every Sunday, every commentator, all of them.

‘Opposition looking to undermine T&T’  Trinidad & Tobago Express Newspapers

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