Senate votes to bring Ketanji Jackson nomination to Floor

The Senate cast its first vote on Ketanji Brown Jackson today, voting to bring her nomination to the Senate floor after the Senate Judiciary Committee cast a tie vote on the pro-abortion Supreme Court nominee this afternoon.

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The Senate Judiciary Committee cast a vote today and it ended in a tie with 11 Democrats voting yes and 11 Republicans voting no. After the vote, Senate Democrats pursued a discharge motion on the Senate floor to bring the nomination there for debate and vote.

The Senate voted 53-47 to bring Jackson’s nomination to the floor, with Mitt Romney, Lisa Murkowski and Susan Collins all voting for her nomination along with every Democrat senator. All other Republicans voted no.

Senator Tim Scott announced why he is voting against Ketanji Brown Jackson: “The historic nature of Judge Jackson’s nomination reinforces the progress our country has made. However, ideology must be the determining factor—not identity.”

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During the statements before the vote, Sen. Lindsey Graham, who will oppose Jackson marking his first “no” vote on a Supreme Court nominee, argued that Jackson was meant to appeal to the “hard left.”

“They made that choice and we’ll see how it plays out,” Graham said about the White House’s decision. “She wants an outcome, she’s going to find it.”

Other senators talked about her very concerning record of light prison sentences for criminals who abuse children. One new report shows her sentences are 35% lower than the national average.

“These aren’t just numbers. These are criminals with real victims,” said Sen. Tom Cotton (R-Ark.).

Joe Biden’s nominee for the Supreme Court is not only an abortion proponent, but she came under fire during Senate Judiciary Committee hearings for giving convicted child pornographers the lightest sentences possible.

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Dozens of leading pro-life groups oppose Jackson, who has called pro-life Americans “hostile, noisy and in your face” people. And she tried to take away free speech rights from pro-life Americans.

Senate Votes to Bring Ketanji Brown Jackson’s Nomination to Floor for Debate and Vote

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