Transgender cyclist Emily Bridges barred from women’s competition

Emily Bridges is frustrated that she has ‘little clarity’ on her ‘alleged ineligibility’

Transgender cyclist Emily Bridges claims to have been “harassed and demonized” after learning she cannot compete in this weekend’s National Omnium Championships.

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To alleged protests from female competitors, Bridges looked set to take part in her first-ever women’s event on Saturday until global governing body Union Cycliste Internationale (UCI) told British Cycling that the 21-year-old will only be allowed to compete in events where international ranking points are allocated when her eligibility to star in international championships has been confirmed. 

Bridges insists she has provided medical evidence of her validity to race as a woman, but has “little clarity” on her “alleged ineligibility”.

“No-one should have to choose between being who they are and participating in the sport that they love,” Bridges lamented in a social media statement.

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Responding to British Cycling’s statement on Wednesday where it was announced she was not “eligible to participate” in Saturday’s event, Bridges said: “Despite the public announcement I still have little clarity around their finding of my ineligibility.

A Statement from Emily Bridges

— Sandy  Ally She/Her (@sullivansa1) April 1, 2022

“I am an athlete and I just want to race competitively again. I hope that they will reconsider their decision in line with the regulations,” Bridges continued. 

“I’ve been relentlessly harassed and demonized by those who have a specific agenda to push,” Bridges added.

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“They attack anything that isn’t the norm. This is without care for the wellbeing of individuals or marginalized groups.”

Bridges also feels that her privacy has been “totally violated” and claims to have been the victim of “targeted abuse” online, “despite the fact I have not yet raced in the female category”.

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At present, British Cycling’s transgender regulations recently updated in January require trans cyclists to have maintained testosterone levels below five nanomoles per liter over a 12-month period before competing.

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