Mark Cuban sold Broadcast to Yahoo April 1, 1999!

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What Happened when Mark Cuban sold Broadcast Yahoo?

On April 1, 1999, Yahoo! acquired for $5.7 billion.

Where The Market Was

The Dow finished the day at 9,832.51. The S&P 500 finished at 1,293.72.

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What Else Was Going On In The World?

In 1999, Walmart Inc. purchased U.K. supermarket chain ASDA. The U.S. saw its first cases of the West Nile virus. The average annual U.S. income was $40,810.

Mark Cuban sold Broadcast to Yahoo was founded under the name AudioNet in September 1995 by Christopher Jaeb. Later that year, entrepreneur Mark Cuban took a sizable stake in the company. was an internet sports radio company that allowed internet users to listen to radio broadcasts of out-of-town sports games online.

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In 1998, Cuban and company took public during the Wall Street dot-com bubble. The stock’s share price skyrocketed by 250 percent on its first day of trading. The public company was then valued at around $1 billion, making Cuban’s stake worth about $300 million.

Nine months after the IPO, Yahoo! announced a $5.7-billion buyout of Later that year, Mark Cuban sold most of his Broadcast shares of Yahoo! acquired during the deal, making him a billionaire at age 41.

The decision to sell the company to Yahoo! was a savvy one. After the dot-com bubble burst, Yahoo! shut down completely just three years later.

Ironically, Verizon Communications Inc. ultimately acquired Yahoo! In 2017 for $4.5 billion, less than what Yahoo! paid for back in 1999.

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Today, Mark Cuban is the owner of the NBA’s Dallas Mavericks and is invested in dozens of startup companies. His net worth is estimated to be $4.7 billion.

By Wayne Duggan

This Day in Market History: Mark Cuban Sells to Yahoo!  The Epoch Times

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