House demands records of Hunter Biden with Obama officials

Several GOP lawmakers sent more letters to the Biden administration demanding records of any communication between Hunter Biden and the White House.

“Hunter Biden’s connections throughout the Russian sphere of influence have now become especially relevant in the fast-moving and developing Russian war in Ukraine,” the Republicans on the House Oversight Committee said in their letters to the White House, dated Thursday, March 31.


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They argued that “if the Russian government is attempting to influence American policy in Ukraine by exploiting Hunter Biden’s connection with his father—the President of the United States—the American people deserve to know it,” according to their letter.

The Republicans are seeking “documents and communications” between the White House and “members or associates of the Biden family” from Jan. 20, 2021, to now, the letter said. They’re also seeking a list of “past and ongoing foreign business interests and past and ongoing foreign relations for members of the Biden family.”

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Starting about a year ago, the younger Biden started producing artwork, which has been shown during an exhibition in New York. Some of the paintings are reportedly being sold for hundreds of thousands of dollars, which has led to speculation that he’s using his name and influence to sell the paintings for a higher price, although Biden told outlets that his art is “literally keeping me sane” and dismissed such allegations.

Now, Republicans also are seeking seeking “all documents and communications” from Jan. 20, 2021, to now about Biden’s artwork, while demanding “all policies and procedures in place to ensure the Biden family does not profit from the presidency of Joe Biden.”

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House Oversight Republicans said they’re seeking all records between Obama administration officials and “members or associates” of the Biden family relating to Russia or Ukraine as well as all documents and records relating to Yelena Baturina, one of the richest women in Russia and the wife of a former Moscow mayor, Yuri Luzhkov. There have been allegations that Hunter Biden received millions of dollars from Baturina, which Joe Biden has denied.

Lawmakers Demand Hunter Biden’s Communications With Obama White House  The Epoch Times

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