Brown stabbed father 26 times, pleads guilty to manslaughter

Brown stabbed father 26 times manslaughter

Brown stabbed father 26 times, pleads guilty to manslaughter

A man who killed his father has apologised to his family for the frenzied knife attack that led to his death.

Tyshaun Brown told the Supreme Court that he was sorry for the trauma he had inflicted.


Tyshaun Brown pleads guilty to fatally stabbing father

He said: “I would like to apologise to my family for all the pain I have caused.

“I loved my father and I really want to get help. I apologise to everyone who has been involved.”

Brown was asked to address the court at the end of a pre-sentencing hearing in the Supreme Court on Thursday.

Tyshaun Brown, a 27-year-old, from Warwick, earlier pleaded guilty to the manslaughter of his father, Amon Brown, 52, whom he stabbed 26 times; on the grounds of diminished responsibility.

Brown stabbed his father 26 times on July 8, 2020 in Cedar Hill, Warwick, after the two got into an argument about his former wife after they had been drinking.

He attacked Amon Brown after he told his sister and mother that he was going to kill him.

Brown was on a conditional discharge for an assault on a police officer at the time.

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Elizabeth Christopher, Brown’s defence counsel, asked the court to consider a jail sentence of 10 to 15 years.

She said the case was at “the lower end of the sentencing range” because of the diminished responsibility aspect.

But the prosecution called for a jail sentence of up to 35 years.

Cindy Clarke, the Director of Public Prosecutions, told the court: “The fundamental principle of a sentence is that it must be proportionate to the gravity and the degree of responsibility of the offender.

“Case law suggests that this court is required to ensure that the increased focus on the fact that a victim has died in consequence of an unlawful act of violence, even where the conviction is for manslaughter, should, in accordance with the legislative intention, be given greater weight.

“We, therefore, submit that the appropriate range of sentence in this case is imprisonment within the range of 25-35 years.”

It was earlier claimed that Brown suffered from trauma from the age of 9 after he watched his younger sister die after she was hit by a car.

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Brown was assessed by a psychiatrist after the killing.

Man who killed his father apologises to family and begs for help  Royal Gazette

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