Will Harris $30m pledge count towards Jamaica reparations?

With the rabid support for reparations having been brought back into focus over the last few weeks; which some of the more honest reparations supporters admit; is due to the visits of the very “white” Royals to Belize and Jamaica; news announced by Vice President Kamala Harris, that the United States will be investing $30m dollars to the Jamaica economy and at-risk youth; is a timely reminder of the grim reality.

That grim reality being: our “independent” Caribbean countries, are very much in fact, dependent on the money of countries like the United States and Britain, so that we can just about remain poor third world countries, straddled with debt and perpetually crime-ridden; led of course by corrupt politicians who are firmly backed by a corrupted populace.

By the way, do these funds count towards reparations? — Editor


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United States Vice-President Kamala Harris has announced that her government will be investing $30m in total, US$20 million in the Jamaican economy to strengthen economic growth and expand commerce, and $10 million targeting at-risk youth.

Harris made the announcement during a meeting on Wednesday with Prime Minister Andrew Holness, who is on a five-day visit to Washington, DC.

The US$20-million investment in the economy is one of three initiatives that the vice president highlighted.

She also said that in the area of crime prevention, the United States would be investing US$10 million targeted at at-risk youth.

On COVID-19 recovery, Harris said that the Biden administration would work with Jamaica in this area and will provide assistance on top of the $12 million already provided.

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On climate change, the vice president said the United States will partner with Jamaica on what to do in developing new sources, develop human capital and developing the economy.

Speaking about the strong bond between Jamaica and the United States, Harris said that the relationship between both countries is a very strong one.

“We take very seriously our membership in the Western Hemisphere and we are acutely aware of the interconnection and interdependence between the United States and Jamaica,” she said.

In welcoming Holness, the vice president pointed out that a Jamaican prime minister had not visited the White House since 1995.

“I want to warmly welcome you. President Biden and I are very honoured and very excited at your presence here today to reaffirm the strength of the relationship between the United States and Jamaica and the Caribbean as a whole, but also on this the 60th anniversary, not only of Jamaica’s Independence, but also of diplomatic relationship between Jamaica and the United States. As I told the prime minister privately, and I say it again publicly, this is a very important relationship to the United States,” she said.

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On a point of personal privilege, the vice president recalled that she grew up in St Ann and that one side of her family is Jamaican.

“I know that I share that history with millions of Americans who have their roots through generations in Jamaica,” said Harris.

She said that in addition to those people-to-people contacts between the United States and Jamaica, there is a long-standing strategic and diplomatic relationship and a deep historic partnership.

Kamala Harris pledges US$30m in funding for Jamaica  Jamaica Gleaner

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