NYPD in search of Peter Panthier killer

NYPD Peter Panthier killer

NYPD in search of Peter Panthier killer

A shocking video which captures the moment that a young Dominican was casually executed in the Streets of Queens New York has left many baffled and the New York City Police Department (NYPD) is now in search for his killer.


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In the footage, Peter Panthier Jr, 26, is seen walking alongside his killer, whom the NYPD is now in search of, on Grassmere Terrace in Far Rockaway on the evening of March 26, 2022.

In a matter of seconds, the assailant pulled out a gun, shooting Panthier twice in the head which caused him to crumple onto the sidewalk, and the killer ran off. Panthier was then rushed to the hospital but he did not survive.

Panthier, who was a former teacher in Dominica, studied Economics at the University of the West Indies (UWI) St. Augustine College in Trinidad & Tobago. Along with his family, just over a year ago, they migrated to the US.

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His mother, Joycelyn Dodds Panthier who spoke to The New York Post described her son as “extremely smart.”

“He’s really super intelligent. He tested super high on his IQ. Einstein levels,” she said of her son, who was also an actor and musician who wrote his own songs.

She implored the Mayor of New York, Eric Adams to “Fix the city. Something has to be done,” the grieving mother stated. Hold people accountable for their actions. Children are dying.”

The father of the deceased, Peter Panthier Sr., who spoke to the New York Daily News, expressed his grief over the ordeal.

“They were walking together like they were friends, and he shot him. I can’t understand it,” he stated.  “He was executed. Oh my God, he was executed,” Panthier Sr., said. “This is a sick guy. It’s sad. They took his life. He was just a young man.”

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According to his family, the last time he was seen alive by them was about  half past five when he boarded a car which awaited him outside their  home.

His family, who also stated that they were not well acquainted with his friends, had not heard of him being in any trouble.

NYPD in search of killer of Dominican man  Dominica News Online

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