Daryl Vaz says protest against him is “orchestrated” – Jamaica

PORTLAND, Jamaica — As his constituents clamoured from early Thursday morning for repairs to be made to a bridge they need to access their communities, Member of Parliament for Portland Western, Daryl Vaz, vowed that he would not be swayed by “orchestrated” protest.


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Residents of Craig Mill, Whitehall, Mount Vernon and Belvedere took to the main road at Buff Bay just after 8:00 am to call attention to their plight. The National Works Agency (NWA), they said, last weekend used marl to prevent use of the bridge which was deemed unsafe in December 2019. The proposed detour is a fording that became impassable after two days of heavy rain. Placard-bearing protesters blocked the northern coastal highway for four hours until it was eventually cleared by the police.

“Help! It is very difficult, we need road, we need bridge, we can’t take no more promise. When election time come, they come and they promise and they promise and it does not fulfil; so we need a solution today, today. We need our Member of Parliament Mr Daryl Vaz to solve it and Ms Dionne Hunter, the representative of Craig Mill, to come and solve this problem,” said Grace Johnson.

One 61-year-old woman said she has never seen the bridge repaired adding that she is tired of empty promises.

“We have been begging and begging and nothing has happened. How much longer are we to beg? We have been paying our taxes, what are we to do now? There is a river where they have made a road. Every time rain falls the river come up, now they have put light there and we can’t come across. We need a bridge!” demanded the woman who gave her name as Miss Maragh.

However the area MP said he has kept residents up to date on his efforts to address the issue.

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“The residents have been constantly updated, up to two weeks ago at a community meeting attended by representatives of my office and the NWA,” said Vaz in a statement.

Vaz hits back at protestors, promises more help  Jamaica Observer

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