STETHS claims no consultation on school board appointment

STETHS school board

STETHS claims no consultation on school board appointment

SANTA CRUZ, St Elizabeth — There is a gathering storm over the appointment of a new board of management for St Elizabeth Technical High School (STETHS).

Members of the STETHS fraternity are incensed that there was no consultation with them prior to the appointment of a new chairman and three others who will effectively represent the Government on the new school board.


Winston Smith: Teachers won’t endure government disrespect

The recommendations were initially made by Member of Parliament for St Elizabeth North Eastern Delroy Slowley. The four recommended individuals were subsequently nominated by the National Council on Education (NCE) and then approved by Minister of Education Fayval Williams.

The appointments take effect on April 1.

A strongly worded letter written by STETHS Principal Keith Wellington to NCE executive director Merris Murray, which oversees public educational institutions, alleges that the nominations made by that organisation without “customary consultation” are an insult to the STETHS fraternity and the wider Santa Cruz.

The letter noted that STETHS, established in 1961 following intense lobbying by the Santa Cruz Citizens’ Association of the day, is celebrating its 60th year.

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High among the grouses highlighted by Wellington in his letter  which did not name Slowley  is that three of the four NCE nominees, including the incoming chairman, are past students of Munro College, with no previous affiliation to STETHS.

Checks by the Jamaica Observer suggest that the other person is a STETHS past student.

Wellington, a Munro old boy who has been an educator at STETHS for 25 years, including the last 14 as principal, said in his letter that the NCE’s nomination of the four board members without consultation “can only be viewed as a disservice  slap in the face  to the STETHS family”.

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The NCE is a statutory body which, among other duties, nominates a specified number of school board members through a governance committee led by Doran Dixon, a former president of the Jamaica Teachers’ Association.

Fury over school board appointments at STETHS  Jamaica Observer

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