False Bishop Barbara Gray-Burke talks politics, ignores God

Barbara Gray-Burke

False Bishop Barbara Gray-Burke talks politics, ignores God

Let a woman learn in silence, with all subjection. But *to teach I permit not unto a woman, not to have dominion over the man: but to be in silence.

I Timothy 2:11-12

The United National Congress (UNC), under the leadership of former prime minister Basdeo Panday, was the party that introduced a public holiday for members of the Shouter Baptist faith* in 1996.

*This faith is false as the Catholic faith is the only true faith, given to men by God Himself. –Editor


False pastor confirms his true house is in a nightclub

And for this reason, Spiritual Shouter Baptist and (false) Archbishop* Barbara Gray-Burke said she will ­always be thankful.

*It is not possible for a woman to even validly hold authority in the Church, as the cited Scripture passage above proves; much less become an Archbishop. This is a mockery of God’s law but shouldn’t shock coming from a false religion. — Editor

In fact, she said as long as she is alive, she will remain a supporter of the UNC.

“I ain’t leaving that party for nothing. If it burn down, I will burn in the ashes,” she said.*

If she does not stop pretending to be a Bishop and convert to the Catholic Church, the one true religion, she will “burn in the everlasting fire which was prepared for the Devil and his angels.” — Editor

Burke made the statement yesterday at a Spiritual Shouter Baptist Liberation Day celebration at Empowerment Hall in Maloney.

She said she would never ­forsake the UNC because it was the party that recognised Spiritual Baptists were people, too, and ­deserved their own holiday.

Barbara Gray-Burke said for decades there was activism by Baptists for them to be allowed their own holiday. And it was only Panday who led the charge for it to be granted.

She said at first, the PNM offered a “national festival”, but this was not good enough.

‘I wanted the banks and schools to close’

“They wanted to give us a festival because they figure we black, stupid, and can’t read and write. I never wanted a festival. I wanted the banks and schools to close. That is a holiday,” Burke stated.

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She called on members of the religion to always remember the struggle their ancestors faced for them to practise their faith.

“The colonial people beat my ancestors. They put them in jail. When we parents burn the candle, they lock them up. When they hold the flowers, they lock them up. When they ring the bell, they locked them up,” she said.

“This is what you rejoicing for today,” said Burke, a former UNC senator.*

*This woman’s false religion was established on racial identity, not on the blood of Jesus Christ, the one true God. — Editor

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There were also many people who appeared to have forgotten her role in advancing the Baptist faith in this country, she stated.

“If I ain’t look sharp, they beat off my clothes because they shouting more than me. They getting more function than me because it is like them get the holiday. They hate to call my name,” she said.

She also paid special tribute to social activist Hazel Brown, who was in attendance at the event.

Burke called upon the next generation to take a page out of Brown’s book and continue the fight for social justice.

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“Never forget people. This lady would have been in every grocery comparing prices and raging hell in this country. You want to tell me none of you woman can take Hazel Brown place?

I ain’t leaving the UNC party for nothing  Trinidad & Tobago Express Newspapers

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