Joseph Humire: China will dominate Latin America in 5 Years

Joseph Humire China Latin America

Joseph Humire: China will dominate Latin America in 5 Years

China is expanding its influence in Latin America to counter the US dominance in the Western hemisphere, according to security expert Joseph J Humire. 

“They’ve been building it gradually, systematically, over many, many years—over decades,” Humire recently told EpochTV’s “China Insider” program.


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Trade and investment in the region have been integral to Beijing’s efforts in this regard. But this trade comes with conditions, he said. 

“Those conditions are often the loss of your sovereignty, the loss in some cases of your territory … and in some cases, China is able to hoodwink you into bringing them into their geopolitical orbit,” Humire, executive director of national security think tank Center for a Secure Free Society, said.

China and Argentina recently deepened their relationship by signing a deal at the Beijing Winter Olympics on Feb. 6, which added the country to Beijing’s “Belt and Road Initiative”—a massive infrastructure investment project aimed at expanding Beijing’s worldwide economic and political influence. With this agreement, Argentina will take $23.7 billion in loans for Chinese infrastructure development.

Engagements of this kind are allowing the regime to advance its military ambition, according to Humire.

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To illustrate this point, he pointed to the Chinese military-controlled satellite tracking station set up in the province of Neuquén, north-west Patagonia, Argentina in 2014. China has claimed that the space station is for peaceful space observation and exploration. Yet, technical analysts have charged that the facility was geared for electronic warfare, according to Humire. 

“That means, in a short time, they’ll take U.S. satellites, and throw them out of orbit in Latin America … in which the United States is supposed to have the most influence,” Humire said at the Conservative Political Action Conference in Orlando, Florida, on Feb. 26.

The Chinese regime seeks to use Latin America as leverage against the United States, the expert said. 

“The Chinese are making sure that Latin America becomes an area that’s inhospitable for the United States to trade, to travel, to do business,” said Humire.

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“That’s part of the strategic calculation to be able to limit the U.S ’s ability to stop China’s ambitions in their near abroad,” he added.

China Set To Dominate Latin America Within 5 Years: Security Expert  The Epoch Times

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