Mutabaruka ‘reactionary’ label for Holness proves ignorance

Mutabaruka Holness

Mutabaruka ‘reactionary’ label for Holness proves ignorance

What’s most intriguing about the renewed howls of “Republic!”; and the reparations brouhaha going on in Jamaica right now; is how these “Freedom” loving “blacks” are so inspired and motivated by everything the so-called white man does.


British royals visit to Jamaica turns into rally for reparations

Note, these fervent calls for reparations and Republicanism, didn’t start up again with the sky high crime rate currently shackling Jamaica; nor the rise in fuel prices; nor the decades and decades of inflation, bad fiscal management’ or the overall state of poverty the island is in. No. Jamaicans’ everyday struggles apparently don’t inspire the Woke Left of that island to do anything, much less even attempt to find a panacea for all that ails their fellow countrymen. No.

Woke “Blacks” Feed Into the “White” Man’s Burden

What inspired this latest virtue signal and cumulative cry-along about an experience no Jamaican living ever went through, is the news of the Royal Visit.

Truly tragic. But the truth is the so-called white man usually inspires the Woke “Black” man to say and do anything for his pity.

Thus with puppy dog eyes, begging for his master’s attention, the “poet” Mutabaruka, supporting the reactionary cause of Republicanism in Jamaica; labelled Prime Minister Holness a “reactionary” for not immediately jumping on the “R&R” bandwagon; and barring the Royals from entering Jamaica.

That “reactionary” finger pointer seems to have forgotten about the many pointing back at him. But then again; the Woke “Black” man has never been known for his self awareness.

Leaving that aside, and moving onto the Royals; they too have played their part in this Rudyard Kipling affair; apologising for something they had nothing to do with, to alleviate that “White Man’s burden”; and to attempt to gratify that never-ending itch the Woke “blacks” have for their approval.

It won’t work. It never has. And the truth is, this same pro-Republic, pro-reparations crowd, once they’re mired in the system they’ve forever begged for, will still find a way to blame the ‘White man” they perpetually pine over.

Mutabaruka and Holness: Republicanism Has Not Worked in the Caribbean

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Because what Republicanism in the Caribbean has so far proven to be, is an even more sure-fire way of being chained up by never-ending poverty and mediocrity; in islands already poor and mediocre from their Monarchical pasts.

Republicanism has solved nothing in the Caribbean and has made things, in large part worse. The poor are still poor. The corrupt are multiplied. And Republic governments beg for reparations from the so-called white man, just like Constitutional Monarchies do.

What exactly is the difference between a Governor General and a President? What exactly is the difference between a Prime Minister and a Prime Minister? They’re all corrupt, and devoid of the answers to the myriad problems we face in the Caribbean.

Continuing to beg for the “White man’s” attention, money, and approval isn’t going to usher us into some Utopian era of success. A beggar given a million dollars today will be a penniless beggar next week. The point of Independence was to stop begging. But since we still do such a pathetic thing, maybe there is such a thing as a carryover from slavery.

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*Read the original article on Mutabaruka’s false “reactionary” label of Holeness by clicking the link below.

WATCH: Mutabaruka criticises Holness as ‘reactionary’ amid monarchy debate  Jamaica Observer

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