Keith Rowley to open up Trinidad & Tobago is welcome news

Trinidad & Tobago Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley said Tuesday night he sees no reason why the country cannot open up completely.

Saying there were those who felt that Covid-19 would have damaged the Trinidad and Tobago Government, the Prime Minister said: “Thankfully, it has not been so.


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“Tonight we continue to be mindful of the fact that there is a pandemic and that there are viruses out there that we should avoid.

“But we appear to be in a place where we are coping with the virus and our economy is doing well. I was waiting to see what would happen after Carnival, the 14 days after Carnival would have come and gone.

“That additional mixing that we did has not changed our circumstance for the worst.

“So I am now being minded to tell the country I see no reason now not to open the country completely,” he said, to loud cheers at a PNM public meeting in San ­Fernando.

He said within the next few days he would be meeting with the ministry’s health team and would take decisions commensurate with the circumstances in T&T, and compare them with what is happening elsewhere “because remember, there are one or two countries right now facing major outbreaks, so we have to be careful, we have to be mindful, but we could be a whole lot more operational.

“Our economy has come through a very difficult period, but we expect there will be some growth.

“Those requiring Government assistance will get assistance. Those who can help themselves will be required to do so, and we will strengthen our position going forward.

“All I ask of you is think wisely, behave sensibly, ignore the foolishness, and ignore those with cocoa in the sun trying to give you the impression that there would be no rain,” he said.

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At present, there are “safe zones” in T&T like cinemas and restaurants, where only vaccinated people can enter.

There is also the expensive requirement of a negative PCR test to be submitted for entry into the country.

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