Planned Parenthood to expand its abortion business in Kansas

Local pro-life advocates are urging Kansas City, Kansas leaders to take action after they uncovered secret plans by the Planned Parenthood abortion chain to open a new facility in the city.

Ron Kelsey, president of the pro-life group Planned Parenthood Exposed, said Kansans do not want their state to become a destination for abortions. Texas and Wyoming recently passed laws protecting unborn babies from abortions, and Kansas has seen an increase in women traveling from these states for abortions.

This month, after learning of Planned Parenthood’s plans, Kelsey launched the Stop Planned Parenthood in KCK campaign to keep the abortion chain from expanding in Kansas City.

“Our innocent, defenseless unborn residents are being killed yearly at an unfathomable number and Planned Parenthood is the primary executioner,” Kelsey wrote to city leaders last week. “And now they want a location in KCK!! Obviously, the killings will only increase with this location.”

He told LifeNews that they are encouraging pro-lifers to pray outside the building at 6013 Leavenworth Road and to contact local elected officials.

Earlier this month, pro-life advocates uncovered a public document at the Oklahoma County Assessor’s Office that shows a connection between the Leavenworth Road property and the abortion chain.

Kelsey said the property is owned by HealthTec Initiatives LLC, which appears to be a façade company for Planned Parenthood.

“Planned Parenthood has intentionally and deceptively hidden its presence under a shroud of legal secrecy,” Kelsey said. “Just recently, the same strategy was used in Edmond, OK. HealthTec Initiatives LLC … purchased a building, renovated it, and then granted the deed to Planned Parenthood. The community was unaware that this was a Planned Parenthood clinic until opening.”

Frequently, the abortion chain renovates or constructs new facilities under other names to avoid public protests and trouble with contractors quitting after they find out the true purpose of the facility. This happened recently in Fairview Heights, Illinois and in Visalia, California.

Pro-Lifers Uncover Planned Parenthood’s Secret Plans to Expand Its Abortion Business in Kansas


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