Daughter of couple pictured in video before their suicide

The daughter of the couple Steve Jugmohan and Sharlene Ramkissson who had committed suicide at their Princes Town home has been staying with family, away from the scene of the incident.

Jugmohan’s sister, Sharon Jugmohan, told the Express yesterday that the nine-year-old girl has been with Ramkissoon’s relatives.


Financial woes causing suicides – Trinidad & Tobago

“I think it’s safer for her to be by them, away from here for the while. I didn’t want her to be here because of the situation that happened here and she was here… Every time she watches that door she’s going to remember,” Sharon Jugmohan said.

The bodies of Steve Jugmohan, 40, and Ramkisssoon, 38, who lived together at the La Paille Road home of his relatives, were found before noon on Saturday. Sharon Jugmohan, who lived upstairs, was told by the child that they were dead.

Two videos with the couple have been circulating on social media. Jugmohan said in one of them, the couple said they were in problems and while they asked for help, nobody assisted. They also asked for their children’s grandparents to take care of them and said their (the couple’s) possessions were for their children.

Apart from the couple’s daughter and five-year-old son, Jugmohan also had a 16-year-old daughter and Ramkissoon’s two other sons live abroad. Their nine-year-old daughter was around in the suicide video which has been reviewed by the police.

Sharon Jugmohan said she has been in contact with the child, who was also visited by officials from the Children’s Authority. Acting Police Commissioner McDonald Jacob, who met with the family after the incident, also promised counselling for the girl and her younger brother.

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The boy, who has a hole in his heart, has been staying with Jugmohan, who said she has no intention of separating the children and they will be in contact with both sides of their family.

Suicide couple left 5 children  Trinidad & Tobago Express Newspapers

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