Jamaica Commerce Chamber makes sexual harassment plea

Jamaica Commerce Chamber

Jamaica Commerce Chamber makes sexual harassment plea

KINGSTON, Jamaica – The Jamaica Chamber of Commerce (JCC) is urging Jamaican firms to act now to develop and promulgate workplace policies to ensure they and their teams are in compliance with imminent laws against sexual harassment.


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The JCC’s call comes after a video seminar hosted by the organisation last week. According to a release, it was noted during the seminar, that while Jamaica’s Sexual Harassment Protection and Prevention Act (2021) which was passed in Parliament last year has not yet been given a commencement date, many firms have previously developed their own policies to address the issue in their workplaces. 

As it commends those firms, the JCC is advising other firms to not only put in place clear policies, but also to ensure that these policies are aligned with what is spelt out in the legislation.

The JCC is also calling upon the relevant ministries and departments to move swiftly to put all the requisite elements in place so that the legislation can come into effect soonest. All firms, the business association indicated, that haven’t yet done so, should now be familiarising their teams at all levels, with the rights and obligations spelt out in the law.

The organisation echoed the presenters’ views that overlooking the introduction and enforcement of zero-tolerance measures on this issue, contributes to a host of problems affecting employee health and wellness which in turn impacts productivity and staff turnover and other related consequences.

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The JCC has noted its intention to work with its member firms to ensure that where such policies are not now in place, they be implemented in short order.

JCC urges Jamaican firms to act on sexual harrassment policies  Jamaica Observer

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