UK grants Ukrainian refugees free access to healthcare

LONDON, March 17 (Reuters) – Britain will allow Ukrainian war refugees immediate access to its publicly-funded healthcare system free of charge, the department of health and social care said on Thursday.

“It’s our moral duty to ensure any Ukrainian arriving in England, after being forced out of their home country by the Russian invasion is able to access the healthcare they might need, without worrying about the cost,” health minister Sajid Javid said in a statement.


Ukraine Refugees more welcomed by European governments

Meanwhile Britons often don’t get treatment in a bloated NHS.

Perhaps this is why some claim Ukraine refugees have been more welcomed than others.

As we reported at the time, about three million people have fled Ukraine since Russia’s war began, with neighbouring countries opening their borders to refugees.

In Slovakia, leaflets have been handed out to Ukrainians at the border, informing them of their rights in the country.

On the Polish border, large billboards outside a hall temporarily accommodating people read: “Poland Will Help You!”

There is an abundance of solidarity from civil society and states and as many observers have noted, the welcome is almost unrecognisable compared with similar moments over the past 10 years, when refugees from Middle Eastern, Asian and African countries fleeing conflict have sought shelter in Europe.

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And aid workers say that working to solve the Ukraine refugee crisis feels easier now with the support of governments.

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UK grants Ukrainian refugees free access to healthcare

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