BSTU says CXC should postpone this year’s exams sitting

The Ministry of Education is in talks with the Caribbean Examination Council (CXC) on a range of fresh concerns from local teachers, including the timeline of this year’s sitting that is set to begin in May.

In an interview on Wednesday, president of the Barbados Secondary Teachers’ Union (BSTU) Mary Redman called on CXC to postpone this year’s exams sitting to allow students to adequately prepare themselves after nearly an entire year online.


Teachers worried about Covid-19 spike ahead of school return

She said the union had expressed numerous other concerns in a meeting with the council, which all appear to have been ignored.

“The BSTU is concerned about the timing of the exam, the structure of the exams, the fact that there appears to be few accommodations, if any from CXC, in relation to both of those things given the experience of the region since the beginning of the school year and the fact that across the region and more so in Barbados, children have been educated largely through an online modality,” Redman told Barbados TODAY.

“The BSTU in our meetings would have asked the CXC to consider having exams later in the year, not starting in May. We know that later exams would mean later results and that is a consequence of the later exam time. But certainly, it allows children to have better preparation and grounding in the subjects… and that also prepares them for further study in those subject areas,” she added.

Redman said many of the practical aspects of the courses could not be properly covered online and the school-based assessment component would not have been able to occur under normal circumstances.

“In relation to SBAs therefore, the BSTU would like to have seen a reduction in SBAs,” said Redman.

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The BSTU also expected that CXC would have released the broad topics to be covered in each exam as they have done for previous sittings over the pandemic. The union was also hoping that compulsory exam questions would continue to be excluded.

Teachers want CXC to give students a longer period to prepare for this year’s exams  Barbados Today

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