BHTA Chairman Renée Coppin makes tourism vow

BHTA Chairman Renée Coppin tourism

BHTA Chairman Renée Coppin makes tourism vow

Chairman of the Barbados Hotel and Tourism Association (BHTA) Renée Coppin is not prepared to sit back and allow the tourism industry to experience the same fate of that of the sugar industry.

Coppin made this clear recently as she indicated that the BHTA was carrying out critical research in an effort to address concerns within and about the industry so it can remain a major contributor to employment and economic activities.


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Coppin told the BHTA first quarterly general meeting that tourism accounted for some 14 per cent of the island’s employment and the sector earned most of the island’s foreign exchange, contributing around 40 per cent of Barbados’ gross domestic product (GDP), directly and indirectly.

“Therefore, we take very seriously the BHTA’s role to be the private sector organisation providing national leadership for vibrant and sustainable tourism development. We see our success as inextricably linked to the success of our island and hence, we will continue to push forward on matters that we feel are important to the viability of this industry but also to that of our island,” said Coppin.

“One such issue is the ease of doing business. We as a secretariat are 100 per cent committed to working with our members and private sector partners, to both propel and support the government towards active facilitation of business growth and success. We cannot afford for tourism to go the way of sugar. We must not allow the local narrative to become one which vilifies this industry and the very meaningful opportunities for both employment and ownership that it offers Barbadians,” she said.

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BHTA vows to sustain tourism product  Barbados Today

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