Assisted suicide amendment defeated in the House of Lords

We just wanted to let you know some brilliant news. Lord Forsyth’s assisted suicide amendment has been defeated in the House of Lords by 179 votes to 145.

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This will be a major upset for the assisted suicide lobby who were expecting to win the vote this evening.

Thank you to the thousands of people who have written to Peers and mobilised friends behind the campaign to defeat this amendment.

We also wanted to thank the many doctors, lawyers, academics, Peers, MPs, and organisations who have come together to speak out against this attempt to introduce assisted suicide.

Unfortunately, the assisted suicide lobby will be back soon with their next attempt to introduce assisted suicide, but for now thank you for all your work on helping defeat this amendment.

This now leaves Baroness Sugg’s amendment to make ‘DIY’ abortion permanently available in the UK, which will be debated shortly in the chamber.

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We will let you know later this evening about the outcome of the debate and likely vote on that amendment. 

Assisted suicide amendment defeated  Right To Life UK

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