Tyshaun Brown pleads guilty to fatally stabbing father

Tyshaun Brown appeared in court this morning and admitted stabbing his father to death.

Tyshaun Brown, 28, appeared in front of the Supreme Court and pleaded guilty to killing Amon Brown, a former football team manager.


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He was joined by his family, who held back tears as he gave his plea.

Detective Sergeant Jason Smith said after the hearing: “There are no winners in this case.

“The family is distraught, understandably, and at least today there is some satisfaction that justice has been served.”

Mr Smith added: “This is, as you can appreciate, a very emotional time for the family.

“There’s a lot of grief and pain. There’s still a lot of grief and pain.

“The family is coping and we do wish them well.”

Mr Smith said that the guilty plea to manslaughter was “certainly the right decision to make, given the circumstance”.

He added: “It certainly helps to alleviate some of that frustration and sense of fear among the family, so we’re happy for that decision.”

Mr Brown, 52, suffered about 25 stab wounds on July 8, 2020 during an incident on St Mary’s Road in the Cedar Hill area of Warwick.

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Police, who were alerted by neighbours, found him lying bleeding in the road, and he was taken to the King Edward VII Memorial Hospital by ambulance.

Mr Brown was later pronounced dead by doctors.

His son appeared In Magistrates’ Court about a week later to face the stabbing charge.

Son appears in court and pleads guilty to killing father  Royal Gazette

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