Nylon Pool beach party breached protocols

Senior Superintendent of Police Tobago Junior Benjamin says, the beach party on the Nylon Pool and No Man’s Land, was a total breakdown in the public health protocols.

Not only has an investigation been launched into the matter, but preparations are accelerated to treat with the up-coming Easter vacation to prevent a recurrence.


T&T’s ‘first Omicron patient’ charged with breaching protocols

“Beach parties and events like these are not permitted and therefore it is important that we understand the health protocols and the regulations that 25 persons are permitted in public spaces,” Junior Benjamin said.

Senior Superintendent of Police Junior Benjamin said, efforts to reach the beach party along the Nylon Pool and No Man’s Land failed.

“The gates to No Man’s Land is closed, it is locked and we have keys for one of the gates, but even if we got through the gate there was a trench that was dug there by Wasa doing some work and it was deemed impassable, so therefore even though our efforts to try to get to the area so we can get the situation under control, we were not able to do it.”

Officer Benjamin said, no vessels from the Trinidad and Tobago Coast Guard were available. “We had a Ministry of National Security whatsapp page and we were able to view the situation and it was very disturbing to us and because at the time we did not have a Coast Guard vessel we decided to go on land.

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We tried to go on the jetties but again there was no vessel for us to go out.” He said the police is in contact with the Tobago House of Assembly on the matter.

“The police service is in talks with the Secretary of Tourism Tashia Burris and also the Secretary of the Environment Nathisha Charles-Pantin in relation to the matter, and we believe that we would be able to work along with the Coast Guard to ensure in the future that situations like this does not occur again.”

Party on: No Coast Guard vessel was available  Trinidad & Tobago Express Newspapers

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