China Locks Down 51 Million Amid COVID Surge

China Locks Down 51 Million COVID

China Locks Down 51 Million Amid COVID Surge

Inside a newly-shutdown Chinese hospital deemed the latest COVID-19 outbreak hotspot, overworked nurses started a shouting match with doctors demanding basic measures of protection.

In some Chinese universities, students broke down in tears after some were sealed inside their dorms without access to water or toilets.

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Elsewhere in some rental apartments, tenants were shocked to learn that they had to pack up within hours because what they considered their home would be converted into quarantine facilities.

Over the past week, scenes of exasperation have emerged in various parts of China as officials battled against the “stealth omicron” variant that has fueled the country’s purported worst outbreak since the pandemic began two years ago. Among the regions hit were the southern technology hub of Shenzhen, whose 17.5 million residents were put into lockdown. Dongguan city in southeastern China and northeastern Jilin Province, home to 10 million and 24 million inhabitants respectively, were also subjected to lockdown orders.

In all, China locks down 51 million people due to this most recent COVID surge taking place in Shenzhen, Dongguan city, and Jilin Province.

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In less than two weeks since March 1, China has reported more than 10,000 cases spanning most provinces, said Lei Zhenglong, the vice director for the National Bureau of Disease Control and Prevention, on March 14, adding that in some districts the outbreaks are still developing at an “accelerating speed.”

Critics have long been skeptical of Beijing’s official virus figures, citing the Chinese Communist Party’s routine practice of suppressing information that harms its image and its need to sustain the propaganda narrative that the regime is keeping the pandemic under control. The tally that Lei gave nonetheless marks the highest yet recorded in the country since April 2020.

“There’s no way it’s accurate,” one resident from Changchun, where 9 million residents have been locked in their homes since three days earlier, told The Epoch Times, referring to Beijing’s official infection count.

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As most countries learn to live with the virus, mainland China is among the final holdovers of the “zero-COVID” policy, despite growing questions about whether the goal is ever achievable and concerns over its mounting toll on the economy.

China Locks Down 51 Million Amid COVID Surge, Igniting Public Outcry  The Epoch Times

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