Barbados Government introduces Pandemic Levy

Barbados Government Pandemic Levy

Barbados Government introduces Pandemic Levy

Government is set to introduce a one-off Pandemic Levy on workers earning above $6250.

Workers shall contribute one per cent of their monthly earnings for 12 months.

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Some businesses, including those who retail petroleum products, telecommunications providers, commercial banks and providers of general and life insurance will pay 15 per cent of their net income during the next financial year.

The levy which will go towards Government’s  COVID-19 $1 billion bill is expected to raise a total of $120 million over the course of 12 months.

Budget 2022: Government introduces Pandemic Levy  Barbados Today

In other Covid-related news, 37 percent of persons in Barbados who are in isolation with COVID-19, are fully vaccinated. Yet another number that contradicts what our health “experts” had assured us earlier this year; that the vaccines prevent us from being very ill with Covid. Yet more than half of the fully vaccinated persons in Barbados, are “very ill” in isolation.

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Per the report, as of 11:00 a.m., Monday, March 14, 2022, there were 44 patients in isolation facilities (11 in primary, 22 in secondary, and 11 in tertiary isolation).

Of these, 22 patients (50 per cent) were unvaccinated, and 16 (37 per cent) were fully vaccinated.  The unvaccinated comprised five persons in primary, 13 in secondary, and four in tertiary isolation.  Of those fully vaccinated, two patients were in primary isolation, eight in secondary, and six in tertiary.

One person in primary isolation was partially vaccinated for COVID-19.

There were five patients, three in primary isolation and one each in secondary and tertiary, whose vaccination status was unknown.

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Primary and secondary isolation for COVID-19 patients in Barbados are units that accommodate those who are very ill and need close monitoring and treatment, with primary isolation housing the most severely ill.

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