Rowley, Kamla play politics with Paria Tragedy

Questioned on the Paria tragedy in his interview with the Express last week, Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley said allow the Commission of Enquiry to proceed and “let the chips fall where they may”, while he criticised Opposition Leader Kamla Persad-Bissessar for “disqualifying” Eugene Tiah from sitting on the original Diving Committee to investigate, on the spurious grounds that he allegedly bought an apartment from a businessman in Tobago who built 41 apartments and sold them to the public and it was in the same complex as an apartment owned by the Prime Minister.

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“She said Tiah is the neighbour of the Prime Minister. What nonsense! I don’t live in Inezgate. I own a property there. My family owns a property there but I don’t live there. My house is in Mason Hall. Shirvan is ten miles away. But Kamla was on the platform saying Eugene Tiah is my neighbour.

“But when her office-holder is the wife of the man who owns the company and David Lee’s niece was the wife of the diver, she sees no conflict there,” he said.

The Prime Minister admitted that there appeared to be less than best practice in dealing with the families of the divers, when he was asked why Paria allowed the families to be under a bus shed as they waited for news about their loved ones. “That situation, Paria didn’t handle that in the best way that it could have been handled,” he said.

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However, he appeared to defend the company’s actions with respect to divers, saying: “Something just sucked four people in a pipeline. You now come on the scene, you don’t know what went on there, should you just drop down into a 38-inch pipeline? Let the Commission of Enquiry proceed and let the chips fall where they may,” he said.

Rowley: Let chips fall where they may  Trinidad & Tobago Express Newspapers

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