Marcus Garvey to be on new $100 note – Jamaica

Ralph Gonsalves Marcus Garvey

Marcus Garvey to be on new $100 note – Jamaica

Amidst raging debate over the images of national heroes and late prime ministers on new banknotes set to be released this year as the country marks its 60th anniversary of Independence, one bill has found favour with Rastafarians and Pan-Africanists — the $100 note that will feature the image of Marcus Garvey.

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Chakula Reggae band leader Errol “Chakula” McDonald, attorney-at-law Marcus Goffe, and singer Isha Bel all voiced support for the banknote, saying that the island’s first national hero deserves the recognition and that the currency will push Jamaicans to research his work, which had international impact.

“They say Marcus was the first national hero. To the work weh Marcus Garvey do, there is nobody weh can compare to him,” McDonald argued in an interview with the Jamaica Observer on Sunday.

Last week Tuesday, Finance Minister Dr Nigel Clarke, in his budget presentation, announced changes to all banknotes, explaining that the decision was not only to upgrade the security, use of life, and technical needs of the currency, but to also restore the heroes to prominence on the banknotes and promote unity in the country. The new notes will also feature a Jamaica 60th anniversary logo, along with a shift in the security strip from the middle to the right.

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A new $2,000 note will feature former prime ministers and political rivals Michael Manley and Edward Seaga. National heroes Alexander Bustamante and Norman Manley will be on the new $1,000 bill, while national heroes Nanny of the Maroons and Sam Sharpe will feature on the new $500 note. Former prime ministers Sir Donald Sangster and Hugh Shearer will appear on the upgraded $5,000, while national heroes Paul Bogle and George William Gordon will feature on the upgraded $50 note. Garvey is the only person to be featured on the $100 note.

Support for Garvey bill Pan-Africanists say first national hero deserving of solo spot on new $100 note  Jamaica Observer

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