Ameen, Mohit issue $2000 a month challenge to PM Rowley

UNC MPs Khadijah Ameen and Vandana Mohit have issued a challenge to Prime Minster Dr Keith Rowley and other Cabinet members to live on just $2000 a month.

The two were speaking during the Opposition’s weekly news conference yesterday.

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“I challenge any government minister to try to survive on a $2,000 disability grant. Put yourself on what a pensioner or a disability grant recipient gets and then let us have a real review about social welfare programmes,” said Ameen.

She said since the People’s National Movement (PNM) assumed office, it had been constantly reducing the number of citizens who were eligible to benefit from the Food Support Programme.

But food prices was something that has been on a constant rise, she said, pointing out that some citizens had to struggle to place food on the table while Government ministers were living the “high life.”

Pointing to International Women’s Day which was celebrated last week, Mohit said: “Women in this country are bawling when they look at their grocery bills…We are seeking now where people are living day to day not month to month.”

Referring to a general increase in international food and energy prices due to Russia’s ongoing war on Ukraine, Ameen suggested that fluctuations in imported food prices could be mitigated if the Government had actually developed the agricultural sector as promised.

“First it was blame Kamla, then it was blame Covid, now it is blame Ukraine.” Don’t come now and blame the prices on the war in Ukraine. We cannot control the war in Ukraine but what we can control is agricultural access roads, water supply, drainage, and irrigation,” Ameen said.

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She added under the People’s Partnership administration headed by Persad-Bissessar between 2010 and 2015, numerous initiatives were introduced for farmers such as infrastructural development and financing arrangements through the Agricultural Development Bank (ADB).

Live on $2,000 a month, UNC challenges PM  Trinidad & Tobago Express Newspapers

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