37% isolated Covid patients are fully vaccinated in Barbados

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37% isolated Covid patients are fully vaccinated in Barbados

Editor’s Note: Yet another Covid myth perpetuated in the Caribbean (at least in Barbados) bites the dust. The “experts” assured us, that being fully vaccinated better protects us from the virus, and in large part, prevents hospitalisations. But once again the cold hard numbers help debunk the false vaccine narrative as 37% of isolated Covid patients in Barbados are fully vaccinated.

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As at 11:00 a.m., Monday, March 14, 2022, there were 44 patients in isolation facilities (11 in primary, 22 in secondary, and 11 in tertiary isolation).

Of these, 22 patients (50 per cent) were unvaccinated, and 16 (37 per cent) were fully vaccinated.  The unvaccinated comprised five persons in primary, 13 in secondary, and four in tertiary isolation.  Of those fully vaccinated, two patients were in primary isolation, eight in secondary, and six in tertiary.*

*So of the 16 fully vaccinated persons currently in isolation facilities, 10 (that’s more than half) were either in a primary or secondary isolation facility. As this report makes clear below, primary and secondary isolation facilities house “those who are very ill and need close monitoring and treatment”. Weren’t we told that being fully vaccinated prevents us from falling very sick? Another goal post for the “experts” to shift no doubt. – Editor

One person in primary isolation was partially vaccinated for COVID-19.

There were five patients, three in primary isolation and one each in secondary and tertiary, whose vaccination status was unknown.

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Primary and secondary isolation for COVID-19 patients in Barbados are units that accommodate those who are very ill and need close monitoring and treatment, with primary isolation housing the most severely ill.

Tertiary isolation houses patients who are only mildly ill or not showing illness. It is important to note that the number of persons in isolation is fluid and changes throughout the day as persons are admitted and discharged. (BGIS)

COVID-19 Vaccine Report for March 14  Barbados Today

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