Porsche Taycan Production Halt Due To Shortage

Despite claims to the contrary, the supply chain crisis is still wreaking havoc in the auto world.

In fact, this week Porsche said it would suspend production of its all electric Taycan until “at least” the end of next week. The Porsche Taycan production halt comes as a result of “missing parts”, Bloomberg reported on Tuesday, citing Stuttgarter Zeitung.


Metal costs soar with Russian supplies at risk

The suspension affects Porsche’s factory in Stuttgart-Zuffenhausen, where the vehicle is manufactured. Roughly 200 Taycan cars cannot be built per day, Yahoo reported. Porsche will resume production at its Leipzig plant, which had been suspended for similar reasons, this week. 

In addition to the ongoing crunch for semiconductors, Porsche is also suffering from a short supply of cable harnesses, which are manufactured in Ukraine. 

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It isn’t just car parts that are made in Ukraine. We also wrote days ago that the shut down of the country’s neon production meant that the ongoing semiconductor shortage could continue longer than expected. 

Little known companies like Ukraine’s Cryoin play large roles in the global production of semiconductors. Cryoin, for example, makes the neon gas used to power lasers that make patterns on chips. 

It supplies to the U.S., Europe, Japan, Korea, China, and Taiwan – and the ripple effects of disruption in its supply “can be felt around the world,” the report says. 

Business development director Larissa Bondarenko told Wired that production came to a halt after Russia’s invasion last Thursday. “We decided that [our employees] should stay at home for the next couple of days until the situation is clearer, to make sure that everyone is safe,” she said. 

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Bondarenko says the plant had planned to re-open but “missiles over Odesa”, where it is headquartered, meant that it was still too dangerous. She said she has been sleeping in her basement in her home, which is 30 minutes away. “Thank God we have one in our house,” she told Wired.

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