Meat prices set to increase in Jamaica

Meat prices increase Jamaica

Meat prices set to increase in Jamaica

As meat prices: chicken, pig, goat and cattle feed, are set to increase on Monday in Jamaica, consumers are being warned to brace for movement in meat prices.

Nutramix, one of Jamaica’s premier manufacturers of animal feed, said its products will cost more as the conflict in Eastern Europe develops, coupled with the ongoing increase in agricultural commodities.

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Ukraine is a major supplier of animal feed.

Nutramix said it is witnessing historically high raw material costs which directly affect the price of feed.

“While we continue our efforts to explore every option to keep feed accessible and reasonably priced, we are forced to adjust the prices of our feed,” Nutramix said in a release to farmers.

President of the Jamaica Agricultural Society (JAS), Lenworth Fulton, told The Gleaner that though disappointed, he expected the price increase.

“We are very saddened that the farmer will have to pay more for a critical input such as feed. That will push the price of both poultry meat and pork up by some percentage, even beyond the present conditions that we are faced with and that is going to put our consumers at greater hardship to afford it,” Fulton explained.

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Meat prices set to increase in Jamaica: Local alternative

He said the approach at the JAS is to find a local alternative to animal feed or to increase local production.

President of the Jamaica Pig Farmers’ Association, Hanif Brown, said feed accounts for 68 per cent of the production cost for pork and each time the price increases, farmers are “tremendously affected”.

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Brown said as a temporary measure, some farmers have tried to grind their own corn while others have turned to locally grown produce to supplement pig feed.

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