Kindness needed in community after week of tragedy – Bermuda

The Premier last night called on the community to unite in kindness following a week of tragedy and in light of ongoing challenges facing the country.

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He was speaking on the same day a baby died after a car plunged into the waters off Shark Hole, Hamilton, the day after two people were wounded in a shooting at Devonshire Recreation Club, and in the same week that former politician Darius Tucker was found dead in his work van in Marginal Wharf, St George’s.

Addressing MPs and the community at large during closing remarks in the House of Assembly last night, David Burt said: “We have certainly had a week of tragedy … During this tragedy where there is so much pain and loss inside of the community we have had to be leaders in the community in hugging, consoling, working with and comforting families who are dealing with unimaginable loss.

“During the tragedy we have also seen the best of Bermuda. We have seen friends organising to search for friends, we have seen strangers helping others, putting themselves at risk trying to save lives.

“As we head in to the weekend I first want to thank all the members of this community who have been kind and gone outside of themselves and done what they can to assist.

“My message is, though the times are certainly difficult, I sincerely hope that all of us will look within ourselves and see what we can do to improve the conditions of our country. It is important and vital that we are kind to one another, that we continue to support one another.”

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Mr Burt spoke of the wider challenges facing the community outside of the week’s tragic events adding: “We have been though an incredibly difficult period as a country in dealing with the pandemic and economic challenges from the pandemic, dealing with increases in crime and violence and certainly dealing with issues that have brought upon by the cost of living which are influenced by external events such as the pandemic and now the war in Ukraine.

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“Things are difficult. It is essential for us as a country and us as leaders to be unified and support one another. My call this evening as we head into the weekend – I ask people to pick up the phone and call someone who you haven’t heard from for a while, try to console them, do something good this weekend. We need more kindness and more love inside of our community.”

Premier appeals for kindness in community after week of tragedies  Royal Gazette

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