Fearless Crew Basketball team seeks to reinvigorate sport

Antigua – Teams wishing to take part in next month’s 3 in 3 basketball tournament being planned by Fearless Crew basketball team are being encouraged to register early or run the risk of being turned away once the quota of 24 teams is reached.

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This is according to one member of the Fearless Crew outfit, Rafiki “Ras-I” Harris, who said a number of teams have already made enquiries into registering for the competition which is set for April 3 at Blackburn Park in Villa.

“We are looking for the full 24 teams, but when they hear the prize monies, all sort of teams now want to take part, but we would not be able to accommodate everyone, so teams are asked to register early. Since we are still in a pandemic, we will be following all of the protocols as well,” he said. 

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Revealing that teams can register up to five players for the competition which will start at 2:30 pm, Harris is hoping the event could serve to both galvanise support from the community while helping players reconnect following a long hiatus due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

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“We are just trying to build a bind between the team and trying to bring everybody back together because it’s been two years since we have not played together. There were times when we heard that basketball was coming back that we had a few practice sessions because Fearless is one of the teams that, during the pandemic, we tried to come together on the court, do some physical and do a little thing to try to come together,” he said.

Fearless Crew to stage basketball competition, encouraging teams to register early  Antigua Observer

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