Education or Covid? Children Need Better – Bermuda

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Education or Covid? Children Need Better – Bermuda

Dear Sir,

I was informed this week that my 11-year-old son had to quarantine because of positive Covid cases in his class, even though he had tested negative, wears a mask all day while inside, and participates in the twice-weekly antigen testing regimen, which we pay for.

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Last week, my eight-year-old son had to quarantine because of positive cases in his classroom, but under the same circumstances: masks all day and regular testing. He tested negative throughout his quarantine period.

All my children have had the first dose of the vaccine. Not because I’m concerned about Covid, but because I want their lives to return to normal.

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When will someone start putting the welfare of Bermuda’s children first? Is their wellbeing being sacrificed for those who have chosen not to get vaccinated? If that is the case, that is wrong.

We live with my elderly in-laws but they are not concerned about the risk because they are fully vaccinated. My own parents who are in their late-sixties and seventies recently had Covid but they were fine because they are fully vaccinated. The 95-year-old Queen recently had Covid and was fine because she is fully vaccinated. The science all points to the majority being fine, as long as we are fully vaccinated. The science also points to the majority of children being fine, even when not vaccinated.

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The majority of children are not fine, however, when they are not receiving a proper education.

What is the endgame here? Children are suffering immeasurably and not because of Covid, but because of the endless restrictions being imposed on their daily lives. This is ruining their childhood and has got to stop.

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Please can the people in positions of power start putting our children first.


Children not fine when not receiving a proper education  Royal Gazette

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Cleo Jn. Baptiste

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