China and Dominica collab to improve agricultural technology

China Dominica agricultural

China and Dominica collab to improve agricultural technology

The Ministry of Blue and Green Economy, Agriculture and National Food Security of the Commonwealth of Dominica and The Suntime International Techno-economic Cooperation (Group) Co. Ltd of the People’s Republic of China have signed the implementation agreement for the Eighth Phase of China Aid Dominica Agricultural Technical Cooperation Agreement.

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The Agreement seeks to strengthen the friendly relationship between the two countries, promote the development of agricultural technology in Dominica, restore and establish an agricultural technology extension system and an agricultural demonstration area, promote practical agricultural technology and high-tech innovation in Dominica, and improve the living standards of the people through agricultural development.

Over the years, and in the past seven phases, the Government of China has provided tremendous support to the sector through the Agricultural Technical Cooperation Project.

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In this Eighth Phase, the implementation agreement for which was signed on Tuesday, March 9, 2022, more demonstration farms, training, equipment, input support and machinery will be provided. Under this Agreement, preparations will be made for equipping the Agriculture Science Complex Building and designing the human resource plan.

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Hon. Fidel Grant Minister for Blue and Green Economy, Agriculture & National Food Security and Mr. Sun Haojie represented the Government of the Commonwealth of Dominica and the Government of the People’s Republic of China, respectively.

Dominica and China sign 8th phase of agreement to modernize agricultural sector  Dominica News Online

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