Kellyanne Conway: Biden administration has a fact problem

Former presidential adviser Kellyanne Conway blasted the Biden administration, saying it has a fact problem on “The Ingraham Angle” Thursday. 

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President Biden and White House press secretary Jen Psaki are “playing the blaming game, name and shame nonsense of Washington. But it would rely on the American people believing it, and they’ve lost credibility,” Conway said. 

“This administration doesn’t have a messaging problem. They have a fact problem, and it is reflected in the polls. They don’t seem to do anything well.”

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“Americans know that everything they basically said is not true,” Conway told host Laura Ingraham. “They’ve all been lies. The border surge was not seasonal, they’ve created records there. Inflation was not transitory, it’s here to stay … The Biden administration continues to break all these records in all the wrong ways.”

Conway maintained that her perspective on the Biden administration was shared by many Americans. 

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“It’s not just partisans saying this, it’s all the polls saying this,” Conway said. “Particularly independents who have really migrated away from Joe Biden and Kamala Harris, his lack of accomplishments.”

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