Clansman Gang “executes members” retired investigator testified

A retired gang investigator this morning testified that the Clansman Gang was known for executing its members.

“Within the Clansman system, they tend to prey upon themselves.

“Friend kill friend,” said the retired police inspector who had investigated several gangs including the St Catherine-based Clansman and One Order gangs.

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However, he explained that while the order is usually given by the leader, it’s difficult to investigate these matters as the leader tends not to participate in the killings.

The 31-year police veteran also told the court that the gang operated its own justice system.

He indicated that the gang had a place called “judgement yard” located off Martin Street in Spanish Town, St Catherine where it carried out trials and determined who should be killed, beaten or impose any other punishment.

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The trial has heard testimony from one of the former gang members that the reputed leader of the One Don faction of the gang, Andre ‘Blackman’ Bryan, had given orders for his alleged foot soldiers to kill other members who he felt had betrayed or had lied to the gang.

He had also testified about an incident where one of the members was tried by the gang and beaten.

Similarly, during the playing of one of the secret recordings, the court also heard that Blackman had given instructions to kill alleged members who he felt had turned against him and was providing the police with information while he was in prison.

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The inspector also told the court that Clansman was known for forming an alliance with the police in order to get information.

Clansman Gang Trial | Organisation was known to execute members, retired investigator testifies  Jamaica Gleaner

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