Amazon Suspends Retail Shipments To Russia & Belarus, Blocks Prime Video

Amazon has announced it has suspended most of its main services across Russia and Belarus, including access to Prime Video in Russia, and also confirming it will no longer ship retail orders to customers in both countries.

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The US-based multinational e-commerce company has been backing away from services in Russia amid ratcheting pressure to do so, which also now includes stopping all new signups for Amazon Web Services. “Given the ongoing situation in Russia and Ukraine, we’ve taken additional actions in the region,” Amazon announced in a blog post.

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We’ve suspended shipment of retail products to customers based in Russia and Belarus, and we will no longer be accepting new Russia and Belarus-based AWS customers and Amazon third-party sellers,” Amazon said. 

“We are also suspending access to Prime Video for customers based in Russia, and we will no longer be taking orders for New World, which is the only video game we sell directly in Russia.”

In the last week, and since Russia’s invasion of Ukraine which started on Feb.24, Amazon has come under increased pressure from the public and politicians to suspend services in Russia as punishment. 

Already, Apple, Microsoft and Google (Alphabet) had been among the first tech companies with the largest market capitalizations in the world to begin winding down services in Russia.

Amazon: “Unlike other U.S. providers, AWS has no data centers, infrastructure, or offices in Russia, and we have a long-standing policy of not doing business with the Russian govt. We have also stopped allowing new sign-ups for AWS in Russia and Belarus.”

— Bianna Golodryga (@biannagolodryga) March 8, 2022

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At the same time Amazon has said it his helping Ukraine’s government with cybersecurity assistance, with an eye toward preventing external hacks of “charities, NGOs, and other aid organizations in order to spread confusion and cause disruption.”

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