Parents refused to abort 20 Week baby with Down Syndrome

abort baby Down Syndrome

Parents refused to abort 20 Week baby with Down Syndrome

When a young and excited mom was expecting her second baby, she was shocked to learn that he might have Down syndrome. However, when she and her husband were offered the choice to abort their baby with Down Syndrome, they both knew in their hearts that it was not an option and they’d love their baby no matter what his diagnosis was.

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Five years on, their little son is thriving and has brought more joy to their family than they ever dreamed possible.

Third-generation immigrant and engineer Lisi Lopez, 30, met her husband in college. They tied the knot a few months after their graduation. Although Lisi’s husband was in medical school, the couple started planning for kids with the loving support of their “big, loud Latin families.”

Eight years on, Lisi and her husband are proud parents to a daughter and two sons. Their middle child, Leo, who turns 5 in April, also happens to have Down syndrome.

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A few months after the birth of their first daughter, Lisi and her husband, who both have siblings of their own, wanted the same for their daughter and they thus began talking about having another baby.

“To our excitement, we became pregnant much earlier than we anticipated,” Lisi told The Epoch Times. “When we went in for our first ultrasound, I had no worries or fears.  I had never imagined myself being someone who would have any issues with pregnancies, especially since my first one had gone so smoothly. Boy, was I wrong.”

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Lisi’s ultrasound technician found that she had a “blighted ovum,” meaning there was a sac but no baby was developing inside it. Devastated, the couple grieved their loss but were elated to find out they were pregnant again months later.

Parents Refuse Abortion for Baby Boy With Down Syndrome at 20 Weeks, Now He’s Thriving at 5  The Epoch Times

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