UNC constant protesting isn’t good politic – Trinidad & Tobago

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UNC constant protesting isn’t good politic – Trinidad & Tobago

What are the qualifications needed to sit on a committee in Trinidad and Tobago? Apart from a relevant resume, it would allegedly appear that the sitting Opposition needs stronger evidence of impartiality.

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A comedienne would suggest that the United National Congress would ask the following of any People’s National Movement-chosen person: First on the list would be a Certificate of Good Character from the Commissioner of Police. Second in line, but equally important, is DNA proof that you do not know anyone who has a People’s National Movement party card, or related by blood or marriage to any present or former PNM minister.

Having been seen in a social setting sharing drinks with PNM people in the past ten years is also allegedly grossly unacceptable and shows disrespect to all 300,000-plus UNC voters from 2020.

And, on no occasion must you be seen parking your car in the vicinity of Balisier House on Victoria Avenue, Port of Spain.

It beggars belief that the names of upstanding citizens suggested to form a committee by the PNM must first pass intense UNC scrutiny. If you cannot get a nod in the right direction, one is allegedly assumed to be bereft of one iota of intelligence.

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Did the comedienne forget to ask that planned committee members would need to pass a PCR test preferably done by a medical practitioner chosen by the UNC?

There is a general election due in 2025. Image, and in particular political image, is everything. Protesting too much about everything and everyone does not allegedly look good or sound good.

I will say it again. There are only two viable political parties in T&T because of strong base support, the PNM and the UNC. All third parties continue to be mere window dressing.

Fear-mongering the electorate for no good reason other than deliberate grand standing could allegedly be seen as inviting crapaud to smoke your political pipe well before 2025.

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Plain talking is not bad manners. And, wait for it, good political image is always everything.

Lynette Joseph

Diego Martin

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