Ukraine crisis fundraiser at Rackham’s – Cayman Islands

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Ukraine crisis fundraiser at Rackham’s – Cayman Islands

(CNS): Rackham’s bar was jam-packed Sunday night for a fundraiser to support the people of Ukraine, who are fighting to survive and fighting to defend their homeland from the invading Russian army. Through a raffle and an auction of prizes donated by local businesses, CI$28,500 was raised, which will go directly to the Ukraine Red Cross.

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Every penny will go to the “boots on the ground” in Ukraine to help the people who need it, said Tim Langfitt, who manages the waterfront bar. He said he hosted the event after hearing about the need from a long-time staff member at Rackham’s, Olga Korobova, who is from Ukraine.

The invasion began on 24 February, and so far there have been 406 confirmed civilian deaths as a result of the unprovoked attack, according to the UN human rights office, but the actual number is thought to be much higher. And with a number of cities under siege and refugees fleeing the conflict within Ukraine and heading across the borders, the humanitarian crisis is growing rapidly.

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Khrystyna Shevnyuk, an auditor who has been working here in Cayman for the last 18 months, told CNS that her family and many of her friends are in Sumy, a city in north-eastern Ukraine on the border with Russia. “They can’t leave,” she said. “They are surrounded by the Russian army and are in hiding.”

She said there is still internet access in the city but some areas are without power. As a result, while she is still able to speak with her family every morning, she has lost contact with some of her friends. “I hope they managed to escape or they just need to charge their phones,” she said, clearly worried about their safety.

Shevnyuk spoke to her father on Monday morning and told him about the event in Cayman Sunday night. She said it gave him hope that people were supporting Ukraine and willing to help, and that he was going to share this with his neighbours.

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For the first few days after the invasion began she just felt helpless and didn’t know how to help, Shevnyuk said. But she felt she had to do something, so when the idea about the fundraiser came up, she thought the least she could do was to help with this. She and the other organisers, Tim and Trish Langfitt, Olja Khodzhaeva, Lisa Perejma and Olga Korobova, pulled it together in just six days.

Ukraine crisis fundraiser racks up cash at Rackham’s – Cayman Islands Headline News  Cayman News Service


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