Minor sentenced 3 years for killing his brother – Antigua

A 17-year-old boy has been given the maximum sentence possible for a minor convicted of manslaughter.

The teen, who cannot be named for legal reasons, had previously pleaded guilty to killing his brother.

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On October 10 2020, an argument ensued between the minor and his 20-year-old sibling, which resulted in the then 16-year-old arming himself with a sharp object.

He then fatally stabbed the older brother in his upper body.

The youngster was initially charged with murder in 2020 but pleaded guilty to the lessor sentence of manslaughter in January since the deceased is said to have been the aggressor.

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 Yesterday, when the teen appeared before Justice Ann-Marie Smith, teachers were called to the stand to testify to the defendant’s character.

They said that the young man had tremendous potential and was a great student.

The accused then showed contrition saying, “I truly loved my brother despite the situation. I will never make the mistake again. The situation should have never reach so far.”

Justice Smith subsequently sentenced the youth to three years’ imprisonment but also ordered that he continue in his academic pursuit and participate in family and individual counselling.

However, the time he spent on remand will be taken into account.

After being sentenced, the convict asked for a moment to speak to his mother and was granted permission.

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He was seen embracing his emotional mother before being escorted to prison. The young man was represented by lawyer Cosbert Cumberbatch.

Minor gets three years for killing brother he ‘truly loved’  Antigua Observer

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